Best VR Headset For Elite Dangerous

Best VR Headset For Elite Dangerous (Cheapest, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive Pro) 2023

Get to know Which VR headset is best for Elite Dangerous?

Are you a gaming enthusiast? If so, you might be interested in Elite Dangerous. This VR space fighting simulation game puts you in the role of a Commander or CMDR of a spaceship, exploring a realistic representation of the galaxy with gameplay that is both single-player and multiplayer.

Elite Dangerous is the fourth game in the Elite video game series and one of the longest-running franchises. To experience the game at its best, you’ll need a VR headset. A VR headset is a device that covers your eyes completely, providing an immersive 3D experience. They’re sometimes called VR goggles and incorporate technology like gaze tracking, IR sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to move the user’s point of view in a natural way. However, VR headsets can be costly and require a robust computer to handle the animation.

Alternatively, less expensive VR goggles can be used with a smartphone, which can be strapped or mounted onto the device. With VR glasses, you can play games, watch movies, and do graphic design or architecture-related work for a realistic experience. There are many types and versions of VR headsets available on the market, with different advancements, colors, sizes, and weights. It’s important to choose a VR headset that suits your needs and budget.

To help you make the best choice, we’ve researched the market and compiled a list of the best VR headset options currently available. Read on to learn about the details of each headset, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Below is the list of our lab tested Best VR Headset For Elite Dangerous

  1. Hp reverb g2 VR headset with the controller
  2. Pimax 5k XR oled VR virtual reality headset
  3. Meta quest 2 — advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset
  4. Oculus quest all-in-one VR gaming headset – 64gb
  5. Valve Index VR full kit
  6. Destek v5 VR headset w/bluetooth controller
  7. Steelseries arctis 3 – all-platform gaming headset

1- Hp Reverb g2 VR headset with the controller

Hp reverb g2 VR headset with the controller

Experience the ultimate virtual reality world with the HP Reverb G2 VR headset, equipped with advanced functionalities and features. This headset is designed to provide a more immersive experience than ever before, with realistic visuals, graphics, and audio effects. The Mura-free 2160 x 2160 LCD glasses ensure that your eyes are protected while you enjoy the VR world. The HP Reverb G2 VR headset is easily adjustable, making it the perfect fit for you.

No compromise on quality: This amazing HP Reverb G2 VR headset offers the most realistic visuals, soundscapes, and performance, creating a fully immersive experience while playing games. There is no compromise on graphics and visuals in this 3D world.

All-in-one package: The package includes an HP VR headset to enjoy your VR games, a 6m headset cable for desktop and mobile connectivity, 2 advanced motion controllers, 1 display port to mini-display port adapter, a power adapter, and easy setup instructions.

Exceptional visuals and sound: The HP Reverb G2 VR headset takes you one step further into the world of VR, providing you with the most lively and immersive experience of your life. The high-quality resolution and fully immersive spatial audio ensure that every sound is clear. The Mura-free 2160 x 2160 LCD screen panels for each eye provide exceptional visuals.

Adaptably adjustable: This HP VR headset is built with flexible materials, increased cushion size, and adjustable lenses that can be adjusted to different eye distances, allowing you to move around and enjoy your virtual world comfortably without any discomfort.

More cameras, better tracking: The advanced HP Reverb G2 VR headset is constructed with 4 built-in cameras, ergonomically designed controls, and the ability to track the tiniest movements. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy your VR experience to the fullest.

2- Pimax 5k XR oled VR virtual reality headset

Pimax 5k XR oled VR virtual reality headset

The Pimax 5k VR headset is the ultimate partner for your VR gaming and designing needs. With its advanced features, wide 200° FOV, high-resolution lenses, clear sounds, crisp graphics, and flexibility to adjust, it’s the most wanted VR headset in the market.

VR resolution redefined: Equipped with dual custom OLED panels, the Pimax 5k VR headset displays a jaw-dropping resolution of 5120×1440, setting new standards for quality and immersing your visuals like never before. Ghosting and smearing are a thing of the past with this groundbreaking device.

Super wide FOV: With an ultra-wide 200° diagonal FOV, the Pimax 5k VR headset provides the closest experience to human vision of any commercially available product. Say goodbye to the binocular effect and notice the difference immediately. Your enemies in VR games can no longer escape your vision. The Pimax 5k XR provides an unparalleled VR experience like never before.

Strong compatibility: Thanks to Pimax compatibility technology, the Pimax 5k XR headset supports thousands of VR games available on Steam and Oculus Home. Enjoy movies and internet video content like never before. The Pimax 5k XR is also compatible with other brand Steam controllers and both the Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0 and 2.0 tracking technology.

More comfortable: The Pimax 5k VR headset comes with a specially designed face pad and bounding strap, allowing you to wear it comfortably for longer periods of time. There’s even enough room for wearing prescription glasses. Comfort features include physical hardware and software IPD adjustments, allowing a wider variety of people to enjoy the stunning immersion that can only be achieved in virtual reality.

3- Meta quest 2 — advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset

Meta quest 2 — advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset

Enter a new world of realities with the advanced Meta Quest 2 VR system. This VR set will keep you one step ahead in the dimensions of gaming, entertainment, or collaborative work. With no tangled wires and no PC or console requirements, you can start using the device within minutes by setting up through the Meta Quest app, your Facebook account, and a wireless internet connection. Experience an incredible immersive experience with 3D positional audio and high-resolution graphics, and let others watch your matchless performance.

Smooth experience: Keep your gaming experience exceptionally smooth and seamless, even with high-speed action unfolding around you. The super-fast processor and high-resolution display ensure a fully immersive experience with 3D positional audio, haptic, and hand tracking feedback that work together to make the virtual world feel more real.

Wireless connectivity: The wireless headset of the Meta Quest 2 VR system allows you to roam freely within the virtual world without entangling your movements. The ergonomically designed intuitive controls, 1000mAh built-in battery, and easy setup guide ensure correct setup for traveling multiple universes in blockbuster fantasies, scaring yourself in horror adventures, or collaborating with colleagues in innovative workspaces.

A great deal: By purchasing the Meta Quest 2 all-in-one VR headset, you will get everything you need for an amazing multi-sensory experience. The built-in speakers provide 3D positional audio, stunning high-resolution graphics show every detail, and the integrated 10,000mAh built-in battery provides up to 3 hours of gameplay or ten hours of entertainment watching movies or dramas.

4- Oculus quest all-in-one VR gaming headset – 64gb

Oculus quest all-in-one VR gaming headset – 64gb

Get ready to enter the world of VR with the Oculus Quest all-in-one gaming headset. Connect with ease using the Oculus mobile app, which allows you to explore the VR world when connected with the headset. This fine piece of technology precisely recreates your hand movements and gestures, providing high-grade performance while playing. Plus, this headset doesn’t restrict your area or body posture, giving you the freedom to move as you please.

Ever ready: The Oculus Quest VR gaming headset is ready to use right out of the box. Simply set up the device with your Oculus mobile app, and the Oculus Quest has everything you need to explore the VR world.

Insight tracking: With the latest technology and features, the Oculus Quest provides the best VR experience you can ever have. The Oculus Insight advanced tracking system instantly reflects your movements in VR without the need for external accessories. Just move your head or other body parts, and they will be instantly reflected in the VR world during gaming.

Touch controllers: The Oculus Touch controllers accurately sense and precisely recreate your hand movements, gestures, and interactions, making every game feel real enough to reach out, touch, and enjoy. The recreated hand gestures in the VR will help you with accurate and timely movement in gameplay.

Beyond room-scale: The Oculus Quest is a modern and highly flexible headset that adjusts to your environment and works accordingly. With this amazing headset, you can play in any posture you’re comfortable with, either standing or sitting, and in different area spaces, whether big or small. The Oculus Quest only requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world.

5- Valve Index VR full kit

Valve Index VR full kit

Upgrade your VR gaming experience to the next level with the Valve Index VR kit – a complete kit containing top-notch VR products that enable you to fully enjoy the best VR experience you can ever have.

Valve Index VR headset: This amazing headset pushes the visual, audio, and ergonomic technologies to the next level to create the best VR experience possible. The dual 1440×1600 RGB LCDs provide you with 50% more subpixels than OLED, resulting in much greater sharpness for the same rendering cost. The valve Index headset runs at 120Hz normally with full back-compatibility of 90Hz, and an experimental 144Hz mode as well. Equipped with physically adjustable IPD (distance between eyes) and eye relief (distance from lens to eye) this VR headset lets you optimize the field of view for your face.

2x valve Index VR controllers: Designed from the bottom up to change natural interactions, hi-fi hand presence, and long-run comfort. Act together with your environment, objects, and other people rather like you are doing within the real world. Valve Index controllers mix advanced sensing element inputs to grant you smarter hands in VR, unlocking a large number of new interactions, experiences, and gestures. Each of the controller uses 87 advanced sensors to track the hand position, finger position, any motion, and pressure to determine user intent. With the hand strap, it enables you to open your whole hand to push, drop or throw any object.

Valve Index VR base station: The all-new single-rotor design of this valve Index VR kit provides a wider FOV and increased viewing range. Now comes with two base stations, so that you can enjoy a 400% larger gaming space as compared to the previous versions. You can always customize it by adding a third base station to your devices in order to cover a tricky spot in your room. Even if you need more space, you can add a fourth base station to expand your playing area up to 10×10 meters.

6- Destek v5 VR headset w/bluetooth controller

Destek v5 VR headset w bluetooth controller

The Destek v5 VR headset is the perfect partner for VR gaming, movies, and videos, with its Bluetooth controller, 110 FOV, and anti-blue light protection. Experience immersive 3D visuals and crisp audio effects with this adaptable and high-quality headset.

Immersive 3D visuals: With a 110° field of view, the Destek v5 VR headset offers an unparalleled immersive experience that puts you right in the middle of the action. Enjoy 360-degree videos and feel like you’re actually climbing a mountain or exploring a new world.

Anti-leakage silicone pad: The Destek v5 VR headset has a soft silicone pad that fills the gap around your nose to prevent light from entering the headset. The pad is designed to fit noses of all shapes and sizes and comes with an Android Bluetooth remote control for added convenience.

Exclusive design: The Destek v5 VR headset is lightweight and portable, weighing just 13oz. The T-shaped headband is adjustable for both adults and children, reducing pressure around the face. It also supports wearing glasses, with plenty of space for most glasses and a pupil distance button designed for a larger range.

High-quality and adaptable: With razor-sharp visuals and crisp audio effects, the Destek v5 VR headset is the perfect choice for all your VR needs. It’s adaptable to multiple users with different requirements and delivers a quality VR experience every time.

7- Steelseries arctis 3 – all-platform gaming headset – for pc

Steelseries arctis 3 - all-platform gaming headset - for pc

Get the ultimate gaming experience with Steelseries Arctis 3 gaming headset. Enjoy crystal clear audio, top-notch comfort and compatibility with all gaming devices including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, Android and iOS. Play games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, on any platform!

Universal Compatibility: This specially designed Steelseries Arctis 3 gaming headset can be used on all gaming platforms, delivering superior sound and comfort. The detachable 3.5 millimeter cables allow for compatibility with PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile devices.

Unmatched Comfort: Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with Steelseries Arctis 3 gaming headset featuring athletic-inspired, fabric air-weaved ear cushions that keep your ears cool and dry even during long gaming sessions. The S1 speaker drivers deliver ultra-low distortion audio, providing a competitive advantage in gameplay.

Outstanding Features: Steelseries Arctis 3 is widely recognized as one of the best mic providers in gaming, thanks to its Discord-certified, clear-cast microphone that delivers studio-quality voice clarity with background noise cancellation. The Windows Sonic spatial audio is compatible with native surround sound built into Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles, with an audible headphone sensitivity of 98 dB.

Best VR Headset For Elite Dangerous Buying guide: 

Consider these points before purchasing a VR headset for the best experience:

  • Resolution per eye: It is the number of pixels a VR headset displays, which determines image clarity. Higher resolutions result in clearer images, while lower resolutions lead to pixelation.
  • Field of view: The observable or seeable environment is measured by the FOV, and a wider FOV angle means a more impressive viewing experience. Most high-quality VR headsets have a FOV between 100° and 110°.
  • Refresh rate: This refers to how fast the headset shows changing images, measured in frames per second or fps. A higher refresh rate leads to a smoother VR experience, while a slow refresh rate results in choppiness and latency between frames.
  • Positional tracking: Precise tracking in a VR headset provides a more immersive experience, and high-end VR headsets offer 1:1 positional tracking. It is essential in VR technology to make users feel like they are moving within a virtual realm.






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