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Gaming arena has been heating up with the rage of new passion and blood of older cards which is why you need to look at the best AMD radeon RX 6950 XT graphics cards. Games like Forza horizon 4, Far cry 6, Cyberpunk 2077, red dead redemption 2, 3Dmark fire strike, Assassin’s creed Valhalla have been tested by the famous 5800X3D processor.

The results come in as 6950 xt beats rtx 3090 up to 4% while 6900 xt beats 6950XT up to 4 % especially in 4K resolution. Although you can boost 6950 xt up to 2100 MHz, nothing beats 3090 Ti that has up to 6% average performance. Almost the same performance as 6900 XT, just $100 more is all it takes.

Some users believe that it is a little worse than 6900 XT but 6950 xt outperforms rtx 3090. There might not be competition in the first place because the latter is known more for content creation cards than gaming centric cards. Either way, some tech reviewers still think RX 6950 XT is an excellent card that has less power draw.

It comes with sleek and minimalistic packaging and construction. Moreover, retailers like ASUS ROG Strix gaming OC have brought 277mm and 10.9 inches of design in the arena. This brand has also introduced the boost clock of up to 2565 MHz. Following it, Gigabyte maintains its place with dual HDMI 2.1 ports as well as display ports 2x 1.4a and USB type C.

Now you can attach multiple monitors like Radeon RX 6950 XT and connect other smart devices with your graphics card’s help. Not to forget about the Windforce cooling taking a full swing and keeping temperature low even if you increase the power draw.

Furthermore, memory bandwidth gets an increase of 12.5% that goes from 16 Gbps to 18 Gbps but for gaming, this may not make much impact. It is an important factor for content creation and GDDR6X is already doing a great job provided in RTX 3090 as the better option.

Below is the list of tested Best AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card

  1. Sapphire 11317-02-20G Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Gaming Graphics Card
  2. AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT
  3. PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card

1- Sapphire 11317-02-20G Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Gaming Graphics Card

With a slight increase of the RX 6950 XT price, Sapphire Nitro+ has got your back with the type of graphics card you are looking for. It comes with 16384 MMb of memory size to keep you busy for hours to come. Take and forward the commands you want to give to your GPU in case of fast paced games.

In an interface of 256 bit, thanks to the GDDR6 memory type as one of the latest to bring down the enemies standing in your way. This 2.7 slot in its perfect form factor can become a great companion to your board and PC case. AMD has put great emphasis on creating a GPU that can give you good 1440p performance.

This product is just that and much more than just looks of the device so that the user is not disappointed with their purchase. It gives you reasonable efficiency and is better non ray tracing performance. But on the other hand, this card requires a lot of room for it to become adjusted inside the case and the rest of the rig.

Based on RDNA 2 architecture, it serves you 2435 MHz of boost clock with 18 Gbps, in order to maintain the brand’s image. Sapphire keeps the quality in check for the users to be given a safe space to work with. This video card is also equipped with 3 Axial fans in dual ball bearings for superior cooling.

2- AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT

Being NAVI 21 as one of the fastest processors in a GPU, AMD has decided to launch a refreshed version of its 6000 series game cards. So you can benefit from an upgrade which beats the expensive RTX 3090 by Nvidia. Once you get this card hooked up with your system, an 850 W of PSU is recommended.

Compared to the 6900 XT, there is a minor boost in the game clock speed of 4.2% with a price increase of $100. With the help of rx 6950 xt benchmark, you get to see the statistics of how this card has nearly the same performance as 6900 XT. While some users believe that 6950 is better than 6900, others think it may be worse.

Having mixed feelings for this card, it comes with a base clock of 1925 MHz, game clock of 2116 MHz, boost clock of 2324 MHz and memory clock of 2250 MHz in effective 18 Gbps. bringing 16 Gb of VRAM to the table, 256 bit memory bus and 570 Gb/s bandwidth comes in handy.

A 700 W of PSU is recommended for the base version as this one to carry all the operations and specifically 1440p gaming with this game card. You also get to see 1 HDMI 2.1 and dual display ports 1.4a ports on the chassis for transferring various types of signals to and from other devices as well.

Moreover, the support of DirectX 12 ultimate, OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan 1.3 will all make your gaming better and smoother. There are several retailers which will further make these basic features even enhanced to keep you busy in a stutter free experience.

3- PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card

From the AMD Radeon 6000 series, retailers have chosen their favorite one and are presenting their better versions under their flagship. PowerColor Red Devil has also made its way to bring the 6950 XT to justice in terms of performance from the 6900 XT. As some people believe it is the same usage in both cards, this brand is not having it.

In wide comparison, rx 6950 xt vs rtx 3090 presents clear results for gamers being the former one a better option. On the other hand, Nvidia has more followers for content creation, engineers, 3D artists and animation etc. If you are an avid gamer and have been on competitive edge yet cannot decide the GPU to use, now is the time.

All the modern games and this arena is gleaming in 1440p and 1080p resolution when such a powerful card is attached to their system. The brand uses this factor to its benefit by giving you almost the same price from the base version and slightly better performance. The only difference from the original version is in clock speed and power draw.

Your minimum system power that is recommended by the brand itself should be 950W to keep up with the performance that is so needed. A memory clock of 18 Gbps and clock speeds will leave you in awe as the 5120 stream processor did. You ought to get a 2226 MHz game clock in overclocking mode. This feature gives 2116 in silent mode whereas boost clock goes as high as 2435 MHz in the OC version.


Keep your ranking high when you have the right GPU installed in the rig so you become unbeatable. ASUS ROG Strix LC has a better solution for you when it comes to Radeon RX 6950 XT in overclocking support. Thanks to the PCIe 4.0 x16 slots in bus interface with 2343 MHz of game clock support.

Since this is a refreshed version from AMD 6000 series, both of them should be tested to see. Luckily some people have done their homework and the results of rx 6950 xt vs rx 6900 xt have brought mixed signals to the users all around the world. Working with 5800X3D as the world’s most famous gaming processor has taught us almost the same performance in both these cards.

In a boost clock of 2565 MHz as a +10% increase from the previous product as well as the base version of 6950 XT. This retailer is happy to announce a dual slot width of this card with 335W TDP. We recommend a 700 to 800 W of power supply to fulfill all the needs of your latest PC build.

It also introduces the single HDMI 2.1, 2x display port 1.4a and 1 USB type C port present on the chassis. Based on liquid cooling and radiator, this card is programmed to give you great cooling and keep the game running smoothly in peak hours of battle. On the board of all the famous retailers, this brand secures 2nd position due to its changes in basic features to facilitate the user more than others.


One of the competitive retailers have been eyeing the latest graphics cards from AMD’s recent release. MSI has also stepped into the field with the rx 6950 XT gaming x trio and being called this, it has some serious business to talk about. Its physical attributes include 325mm construction and up to 12.8 inches of slot.

Having the same base clock of 1925 MHz, a change is seen in the boost clock that is as brilliant as 2454 MHz. If you are someone who is still not familiar with rx 6950 xt specs, the base version has already been set. Those features include Navi 21 processor, RDNA 2.0 architecture and 16Gb of memory size of GDDR6 as the latest and fastest of its kind.

MSI might seem to be the same when it comes to TDP of 335 W, a suggested PSU of 700W is highly recommended. In addition to this, triple fans present on the card makes your video card run at an optimal temperature no matter how much you overclock. The user also gets to see 1 HDMI 2.1 and dual display ports 1.4a for you to connect peripherals.

We can say that it does not make much of a difference from the base version, this brand still stands in 6th position among most of the retailers. The memory clock of 2250 MHz is the same, thanks to direct x 12 support for lag free gaming performance and realistic resolution.


Since the news of rx 6950 xt release date of May 10, 2022, users have been excited to see how this GPU works out for them. But upon tested benchmark results, some of them are not happy to spend $100 more than 6900 XT. Since there is not much difference, retailers like Gigabyte AORUS RX 6950 XT Xtreme waterforce WB have taken on them to bring the change.

With a base clock of 1925 MHz not being changed yet, you can have a game clock of 2343 MHz. This is an 11% increase from the base version that AMD has released of the same card. There is a 10% enhancement also in the boost clock when your system wants to push more than its limit that goes up to 2565 MHz.

Gigabyte AORUS windforce also gets the credit for a unique and physically appealing construction of this card. It stands among the top 3 retailers in the list of all which will certainly tempt some of the users who are not afraid to have even slightly better performance.

When it comes to competitive gaming especially from 1080p to 1440p resolution, some gamers do not risk it at all even if they have to spend $100 more. After being analyzed closely, the brand suggested a 700 W of PSU for a stable power lineup. In a sleek construction, 282mm and 11.1 inches GPU in dual slot will fit right into your PC.

Not to forget about the 2x HDMI 2.1 and 2x displayport 1.4a for transferring audio and video signals. From device to another, the speed will never keep you waiting even if you want to hook up a console for that matter.

Best AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card Buying Guide

Gaming is known because of the graphics cards that are coming in the market one after the other. But the right knowledge of your purchase by following some pointers can really make a difference in your overall performance. It is no doubt that this refreshed version of AMD from the 6000 series may not be great kick in, 6950 XT has its own perks.

So different retailers will give you possible factors to choose them and you have to pick wisely so there are no regrets later.

Clock speeds:

There are 3 to 4 types of clock speeds initiating with base clock that remains constant as 1925 MHz. Only difference is seen by the ASROCK rx 6950 XT OC formula that has increased it up to 2143 MHz.

This is why it stands on the top from all the retailers giving 2495 MHz while ASUS ROG supports 2565 MHz as well as Gigabyte AORUS Windforce. Memory clock remains constant as the original which is 2250 MHz so there is no question here. 


You get to see double or triple fans on the GPU which dual ball bearings such as Sapphire Nitro+ offers. Those 3 axial fans will keep your video card running at optimal temperature so they do not heat up and mess with your ranking.


This feature will also remain the same as the VRAM is 16 Gb from the GDDR6 and 256 bit bus width. It will run trouble free in a bandwidth of 576 GB/s.


Manufacturers like ASUS ROG Strix LC OC version will serve you 277mm construction with 10.1 inches of length. On the other hand, Gigabyte AORUS WINDFORCE has 282mm sleek design with 11.1 inches slot. It depends on the type of board and PC case you will be getting to adjust with that form factor.


One of the impressive features that can be a real game changer is the dual HDMI 2.1 fastest port with dual display port 1.4a and a single USB type C. A way for the users to engage more with peripherals, charge their other devices and hook up multiple monitors with these connections.


Further, having 335W of power draw is expected from these cards no matter what retailer you are getting it from. So a 700 W up to 950 W of PSU is recommended by these famous brands.


AMD has made it clear to give out the RX 6950 XT at $1100 while some retailers can also be selling it at $1400 like Sapphire nitro+ due to the changes it comes with. It is up to the user if he wants to spend more with minor changes. Otherwise, you do not have to be bankrupt just to fulfill your gaming needs most of the time.

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