Best PSU For Ryzen 5 5500

Current flow, capacity and performance matters when you pair it with a mid range processor. To not overpower your PC, the best PSU for Ryzen 5 5500 will accommodate you in every way possible. Starting from 450W up to 750W of power capacity, these products are more than enough to supply the energy you need to run your CPU.

Along with other components, this energy source needs to be cool and composed in the heated environment. This is why the manufacturers add 120mm fans with smart zero fan technology as Thermaltake Tough power PF1 offers. You can choose from various cooling modes including fanless or without fanless controlling all the action.

Having fully modular or semi modular cabling enables the user to either remove and connect all the cables according to need. Or they can keep the already attached cables that come in semi modular cable management and the rest can be moved as you desire. Due to this leniency, you can greatly improve the airflow passage and reduce cluttering wires.

To manage the performance of your rig under lowest of all loads, 80 plus certification of Gold, platinum and titanium will come in handy. They will make sure you get 90% of the power under 30% of load. Even the industrial grade protections and 100% Japanese capacitors will make your selected model reliable.

Below is the list of our lab tested Best PSU For Ryzen 5 5500

  1. Seasonic Prime TX-750, 750W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular
  2. be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 600W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  3. Thermaltake Toughpower Full Modular Power Supply
  4. XPG CORE Reactor 650Watt 80
  5. Fractal Design Ion SFX 650G Full Modular Power Supply
  6. Corsair CX Series 450 Modular Power Supply

1- Seasonic Prime TX-750, 750W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular

Seasonic Prime TX-750, 750W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular

For a processor like the Ryzen 5 5500 and ryzen 7 5700x, a 750 watt power supply is more than enough for all types of needs. Seasonic is one such brand that brings power and stability in one device. Having ATX12V form factor and 4.17 pounds of weight, this baby is made to work under the micro tolerance load regulation.

Such technology is the evidence of impressive performance and stable outreach so that this machine can become an ideal companion of your system. In addition, the fully modular cabling lets you attach the only necessary wires. Not only does this help in giving your rig a clutter free desk but no tangling wires will become a mess too.this is also recommended for Ryzen 5 5600 and Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

Besides better ventilation for the proper airflow, its 80 plus titanium certification allows little energy to be wasted. To use an eco-friendly current supplier, you will have a better chance at maintaining a proper functioning rig. There is a premium hybrid fan for giving you quiet performance when things get heated.

A button at the back controls the PSU and allows users to customize the cooling needs. You can choose from fanless mode and without fanless mode in S2FC and S3FC to accommodate you accordingly. Thanks to the 12 year long and lifetime warranty that takes away your worries of damage.

2- be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 600W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

be quiet! BN639 SFX L Power 600W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

Coming with 600W of power for all your system needs, the rx 5600 xt psu requirements are almost the same as Ryzen 5 5500. Be quiet, BN639 SFX L power is made in a mini ITX form factor that suggests it will be easy to fit in a small case. Supplying the current to the entire system is a crucial job and you do not want to risk it for a cheap selection.

With 80 plus gold certification, up to 92% efficiency is possible to get out of this box of power. In case of lower load and fluctuating energy sources, this brand promises to cover it up with the help of this feature. You can rely on the stability of such a product because it is integrated with the multiple GPU connectors up to 4 PCIe slots.

On top of the ryzen 5 5500 graphics card support, you can understand the DC to DC power conversion to become more stable in its approach. Its modular cabling will have the flexibility and chance to keep the cables that are only needed at the moment. You can put the rest of them inside the box and away to make the clutter free pathway for the airflow to fly right out.

A temperature controlled 120mm fan is present to give the user maximum airflow so that an optimal environment can be obtained. The inclusion of SFX to ATX form is possible with an adapter bracket in case you have a bigger sized system. 

3- Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Full Modular Power Supply PS-TPD-0750FNFAPU-1

Thermaltake Toughpower Full Modular Power Supply PS-TPD-0750FNFAPU-1

There are a lot of features that can work great with your system but nothing is more accommodating than Thermaltake Toughpower PF1. It comes in a 750 watt power which can be more than enough for a mid tier rig build. Being an air cooling method enables you to achieve the best of cooling without worrying about its maintenance.

Talking about the efficiency that is bound to deliver you more than it can contain, this 80 plus platinum certification will lead you to it. Delivering most out of your lower loads without affecting your work is the real magic here. PF1 series are optimized to catch up maximum energy with the Intel’s processors as well.

Being as versatile as this PSU is, there is an ultra quiet fan of 120mm size that is used to support the cooling of your power supply unit. It works with self lubricating hydraulic bearings to improve the overall life and working capacity of the fan. Getting near silent operation will not disrupt your peace during peak hours as well.

Moreover, the smart Zero fan feature lets the fan be regulated automatically in its speed and power consumption. So this product takes away most of the work from you giving you worry less working space. This fan works greatly even if the load goes over 30% while you just have to switch at the back of this box.

Coming in a compact design lets you put it inside tight zones easily whereas the Japanese capacitors maintain the reliability. These 100% high end components bring the utmost stability into your usage where performance is not compromised. In addition to fully modular cable management, get most out of this machine with the industrial grade protections.

4- XPG CORE Reactor 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular Power Supply

XPG CORE Reactor 650Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular Power Supply

For better reliability when it comes to your whole system, XPG Core reactor comes in handy. This brand has introduced the system to allow the users choose something that is as important as their PCpart picker. In a total weight of 3.3 pounds and dimensions of 5.51 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches,, this is an easy to fit power supply.

An 80 plus Gold certified capacity is programmed to support your passion for trouble free and capable working. This is achieved by giving you the lowest noise level and energy saving capability in times of need. In case of low load, your work performance does not have to suffer as well the components too.

The inclusion of a 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan is not less than a blessing because it comes with intelligent control. It will be made to dissipate all the heat when things get heated or out of hand. To maintain an optimal temperature is an important task so that your system can run normally and even better when it is time to overclock again.

Those high quality Japanese capacitors are great for bringing extra reliability and stableness into the system. Plus the fully modular cabling makes cable management easier than ever. Most tech geeks prefer to have this cabling so that they can attach the wires as they want and keep the extra ones away for improved airflow.It’s 650W of power and 10 year of backup confirms its reliable sources and performance for demanding users.

5- Fractal Design Ion SFX 650G – 80 Plus Gold Certified 650W Full Modular SFX-L Power Supply

Fractal Design Ion SFX 650G - 80 Plus Gold Certified 650W Full Modular SFX-L Power Supply

Improving the power and structure of your PSU will have a great impact on the overall usage. This is proved by Fractal design ION as it comes in SFX form factor and 650 wattage. For all your mid range systems and processors like Ryzen 5 5500, this is a good head start.

Its new ultra flexible cables can be twisted and bent so that the installation becomes easier than ever. Keeping the performance same or better is the goal therefore, the 80 plus gold certification will have you optimized during peak hours. Not only does this reduce heat greatly when needed, it will let the rig run at its best shape.

A semi passive mode allows the cooling operation to be silent when the load is lighter. Now you will not be distracted during the time you want to focus the most because this power supply is programmed to do so. Having the peace and silence you so much desire will now be able to come true.

There is a great electrical output with respect to quality, all thanks to the tight voltage regulation. No energy will be wasted with the help of this feature and low ripple noise as well to support the betterment of your system. Thanks to fully modular cabling that is the ultimate freedom to join the connections you only want at that specific moment.

With 4.75 pounds of weight and 10.24 x 6.69 x 3.7 inches of dimensions, keep your space empty to fit in a capable PSU like this. Its 120mm fan is based on throwing extra heat out and away from sensitive components. This way, you will be able to manage the temperature running at an optimal state.

6- Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply (CP-9020101-NA)

Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply (CP-9020101-NA)

The accurate power and sturdy components make one heck of a companion for your PC building and more. Corsair CX series comes in 450W of power that will suit your Ryzen 5 5500 perfectly because of its output. Coming in a semi modular design, some of the cables are already connected to save your time and they cannot be pulled out.

As lightweight as it is, only 1 pound of weight holds over the 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.38 inches with easy to install capability. Having 80 plus bronze certified is the efficiency that causes less heat and can be operated at lower cost. You can achieve up to 87% of supply under 20% load so that the fun does not stop.

A thermally controlled fan is present to support chillingly silent operation at lower and medium loads. Now, no distraction or noise problem will affect your focus and disrupt your peace at any time of the day. Besides a clean look and tidy back of the PSU, better airflow is also one of the perks of this machine.

The brand also offers a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty to serve you continuous trust and reliability. This machine will last among several rig building processes without wearing out or damaging any part in case of electrical ups and downs. In a matte black finish, these sleeved cables also give you a sleek and elegant look to match the rest of your PC.

Ryzen 5 5500 Compatible PSU Buying Guide

Several options laid on the table can confuse the user when he is not aware of the pros and cons of their PSU. These features will help you determine a product that ticks all the boxes mentioned below without a loss or disruption created in your system.


Your selected processor will gain some power from the unit you are getting so determining the wattage is an important step in the way. Having 450 to 650W is enough for a mid range processor whereas this number can go as high as 1200W.


Cables can clutter the pathway for your rig which results in trapping the extra heat into the power supply. This action can cause damage to sensitive components so they need to be kept safe. There are fully modular, semi modular and non modular cable management.

The difference is that some cables come fully removable specification while semi modular has some cables already attached and are non removable. Corsair CX series is an example of semi modular PSU whereas most of the above mentioned are fully modular ones.


Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 supports industrial grade protections such as under voltage, over voltage, short circuit, over power, over temperature, over current etc. they can remain in contact when there is a fluctuation in power preserving the energy to not immediately damage the power supply unit.


This feature is made possible into the construction of your selected model with 100% Japanese capacitors. The benefit of it is that they offer stability in the flow and charge of the current as well as longevity of the PSU. you do not have to tear it down and fix it again and again or make it an all time purchase after a few months.


With a processor like the one you are looking for, Gold and platinum certification will suit best. Although there are lesser versions like Bronze and silver, and higher versions of certifications including titanium. Their difference is about the efficiency they present under lower loads of 20% or 30% up to a performance of 90% better.


When choosing the right unit for your PC, you need to see the warranty card any manufacturer is providing. This factor will overcome any accidental loss as a PSU is a long term purchase and can give you 12 years of worry free usage with safety.


In addition to all these elements, a 120mm fan cannot be ignored which will maintain the temperature of the system normal. Being integrated with fluid dynamic bearings and whatnot, the life of the fan is also increased with lowest noise during its operation.

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