Best Monitor For AMD Ryzen 5 5600x

If you are a user of a high end or mid range processor but never compromise on your display screen. And if you are a user of Ryzen 5 5600x and looking for your future monitor. Stay tuned with us and find the best monitor for AMD Ryzen 5 5600x. Below are a few best options for you, read more and make a better  decision for you. 

The Ryzen 5 5600x is a mid range processor with 6 cores and 12 threads designed by the Zen 3 architecture. But to get performance out of it you need a compatible monitor. For a better gaming experience both are curial a graphics processing unit and also a monitor. 

A GPU is responsible for taking the frame rates at its peak but a monitor can ruin all the amazing graphics of the game, so be very  careful while buying the best monitor for AMD Ryzen 5 5600x. 

The size of your monitor depends upon your requirements, you can go for a large screen to see the detailed graphics of your favourite game or if you do photo editing it will also be helpful for you. 

Furthermore, buying a monitor with high resolution is very important for high quality visuals, you can choose a 1440p resolution for Ryzen 5 5600x. Response time of a display screen matters a lot to provide you with tearing and stuttering free graphics. For the video output your monitor must have a video port like HDMI or DisplayPort. You must buy the best monitor for AMD Ryzen 5 5600x with amazing features to enhance the gameplay experience. 

Below is the list of our lab tested Best Monitor For AMD Ryzen 5 5600x

  1. ViewSonic ELITE XG251G IPS Gaming Monitor with GSYNC
  2. MSI Full HD Non-Glare Curved Gaming Monitor
  3. ASUS TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved HDR Monitor (VG30VQL1A)
  4. Cooler Master GM32-FQ 1440Frameless Curved PC Gaming Monitor
  5. SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey G32A FHD 1ms 165Hz Gaming Monitor
  6. Acer PG241Y Pbiipx VA Gaming Monitor

1- ViewSonic ELITE XG251G IPS Gaming Monitor with GSYNC

ViewSonic ELITE XG251G IPS Gaming Monitor with GSYNC

Buy ViewSonic Elite XG251G and get an edge in all your gaming quests. You can enjoy graphics of your favourite game in Full HD 1080p resolution. This monitor is ultra responsive due to its 360 Hz refresh rate so you can enjoy smooth visuals. 

Comes with an ultra fast response time of 1 ms that gives you the edge while playing your game. With this monitor you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming, it supports NVIDIA G-Sync that synchronises frame rates, ultra low motion blur and variable overdrive. 

This monitor features NVIDIA REFLEX that decreases latency to the minimal possible setting and while playing games enables you to react quickly, look at your target fastly and enhance the precision of your aiming. this monitor is also compatible with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x.

ELITE XG251G supports VESA DisplayHDR 400 from detailed HDR and  peak luminance of 400 nits give you more realistic and contrasting visuals in-game enhancement. With the backlight stroking technology, the PureXP motion blur reduction provides you ultra-smooth graphics and clear visuals even in action-packed gaming sessions.

Additionally, this monitor gives you all day comfort because of its fully adjustable ergonomic stand so you can set it at your most comfortable position so you can marathon gaming sessions.

Comes with a 25 inches screen that is made of full HD IPS panel so you can enjoy landscapes and battlefields in their full glory. Order now and elevate your setup with an ELITE RGB ambient lighting, built-in mouse bungee, a reinforced headphone hook and sight shields.

2- MSI Full HD Non-Glare Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Full HD Non-Glare Curved Gaming Monitor

Introducing MSI optix G271C that is a curved gaming monitor with a decent design that can enhance the look of your desk. The size of the screen is 27 inches with LCD panel LED backlit. Supports Full HD 1080p resolution that gives you clear graphics. 

With the response time of 1 ms that reduces the screen tearing and also eliminates choppy frame rates so you can beat your opponents without lagging. This monitor features a wide Colour Gamut so you can see the true colours and realistic and refined graphics of your game that take immersion to its limits. 

Supports adaptive sync technology and frameless design so you can experience the ultimate gaming with super narrow bezels. This monitor comes with 165 Hz refresh rate that provides you the ultimate advantage in your favourite video game. 

And the Freesync premium technology is responsible for matching the refresh rate with the frame rate of the ryzen 5 5600 graphics card that allows you lag free games. This is a curved gaming monitor that offers better and more comfortable viewing. 

MSI never compromise on the production of their products, with their products you can enjoy in a better way. This is a perfect choice for those who want a combination of both graphics and comfortability. 

Additionally, this monitor comes with a night vision, AI black equaliser that enables you to see your enemies even in dark areas of the game. Order this gaming monitor and react as quickly as possible while gaming.

3- ASUS TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved HDR Monitor (VG30VQL1A)

ASUS TUF Gaming Ultrawide Curved HDR Monitor (VG30VQL1A)

If you are a professional gamer and want an immersive gameplay. Look no further than ASUS TUF gaming monitor, this specially designed for the gamers so they can enjoy games in a better way. 

Comes with a 30-inch screen with a decent  WFHD (2560 x 1080) resolution so you will see every detail of your visuals. This is a 1500R curved gaming monitor featuring ultrafast 200 Hz refresh rate that delivers smoother graphics. 

Plus, this monitor is equipped with ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur technology that decreases the eye tracking motion blur so you can enjoy a clear image of your gaming character without any blurriness. You will never face lagging again because its response time is 1 ms. 

Comes with Adaptive-sync,that matches the frame of your screen with your GPU’s frame rate that eliminates ghosting and tearing and offers sharp gaming graphics. FreeSync Premium enables variable refresh rate and provides seamless and tear-free gameplay. Supports high dynamic range technology HDR-10 that improves bright and dark areas. 

127% sRGB colour gamut delivers you will enjoy great contrast and colour of visuals due to 127 percent sRGB colour gamut that also improves gaming performance. Additionally, you will also get various connectivity ports such as; 1 x  DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x HDMI (v2.0) and  USB Hub 3.0. 

This gaming monitor is capable of delivering you a good colour accuracy, you do not need much adjustment of brightness like the other modern monitors. Order today and enjoy visuals in beautiful colours. 

4- Cooler Master GM32-FQ 1440 Frameless Curved PC Gaming Monitor

Cooler Master GM32-FQ 1440 Frameless Curved PC Gaming Monitor

Here is a monitor that allows you to enjoy the crisp clear visuals, the cooler master GM32-FQ is such a monitor that provides graphics with crisp brightness and contrast of colours. The screen size of GM32-FQ monitor 31.5 inches with QHD panel that it can offer immaculate details

This monitor is capable of delivering brilliant colours, this work-dedicated, play-ready monitor with the distinct base of cooler master you will enjoy work or play like never before.  This monitor comes with 2K QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution that provides extra realistic visuals and also increases the multitasking efficiency. 

Plus, this monitor is designed with an ultra speed IPS panel and allows the pixels to transition faster as compared to the traditional IPS panels. With the fresh rate of 165 Hz you will enjoy smooth motion of visuals on this screen.

This monitor enables you to enjoy variable refresh rate gaming to its best potential whether you’re using it with the GPU of NVIDIA or AMD. Comes with DCI-P3 Wide Colour Gamut that covers 95% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. Supports 1ms (GtG) pixel response time so you can enjoy tear free graphics of your game. This monitor is equipped with FreeSync Premium and G-Sync that allows you to experience ultra-smooth, tear-free gaming.

On this monitor you can enjoy any colour-sensitive work and content creation without facing any issue. This is such a monitor that you feel it is made for you and can fulfil all your expectations that you can expect from a monitor. Manufactured with a Cast-Aluminium stand that makes it a  beautiful table centrepiece. Also the Halo stand is adjustable, you can adjust its height up to 100 mm and also can tilt 15 degrees. 

5- SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey G32A FHD 1ms 165Hz Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG  Odyssey G32A FHD 1ms 165Hz Gaming Monitor

If you are a performance oriented gamer then you must need a monitor that can keep up? Look no further than Samsung Odyssey G32A. Samsung made this with a set of excellent features  you can be sure that this monitor comes with the performance that keeps up your skill. 

With the response time of 1 ms you will get tear free visuals so you will never miss anything while playing that helps to beat your enemies. The refresh rate of Odyssey is 165 HZ, which is enough to give a lightning fast gaming experience. This is a perfect choice for those who want to play games with Full HD resolution. 

This monitor features eye saver mode and flicker free technology that protect your eyes from stress so you can enjoy long gaming sessions and intense competitive scenarios without any discomfort or eye pain. 

The screen size is 32 inches, which is enough to see every detail of graphics of your favourite game. Designed with a free sync premium to greatly eliminate tearing and stuttering of the screen. Samsung made it with improved usability. The VESA mounting allows you to mount it wherever you want to. 

Also this monitor comes with an adjustable stand so you can adjust its height, or tilt it to find your most comfortable position. For the video output it comes with 1 HDMI connectivity port. Order now and conquer your every opponent at soaring speeds!

6- Acer PG241Y Pbiipx VA Gaming Monitor

Acer PG241Y Pbiipx VA Gaming Monitor

Do you want to maximise your entertainment experience? Look no further than the Acer PG241Y. This is a perfect choice for you and capable of delivering fast, fluid, and responsive FHD visuals. Comes with AMD FreeSync Premium technology that synchronises the frame rate of the monitor with the GPU frame rate and also reduces the screen stuttering. 

Comes with up to 165 Hz refresh rate that delivers you ultra smooth graphics and their motion. Supports response time of 1 ms that make it capable to provide tear free visuals of your game and give you a better gameplay.

Furthermore, you can use this monitor specifically for the purpose of video editing, photo editing and gaming. Because the size of the screen is 23.8 inches, you can see very large visulas. Comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to set its height according to your requirement also you can tilt it from -5 to 20 degree angle this will help you to find your the most comfortable position. 

The Acer PG241Y gaming monitor has various connectivity ports for video output such as; 1 x Displayport and 2 x HDMI 1.4. The monitor enables you to enjoy the perfect and clear picture  on the Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. 

Additionally, this display screen comes with Acer vision care technologies that reduces eye strain so the blue light will not affect your eyes. And the gamers who play late night sessions or play in a dark room can take the advantage from low dimming technology because it minimises eye fatigue. 

Best Monitor For AMD Ryzen 5 5600x Buying Guide 

Monitor is the core part of a gaming rig because it shows the performance of the other components. If your monitor does not have the required features you can not take out the best from your overall computer system. 

Above mentioned are the few top picks of the best monitor for AMD Ryzen 5 5600, you can buy one of them but if you want to buy any other monitor the look at below features it will help you because after screen there are some other features that you must look at. 

Screen Size

The average size of the monitor is increasing with the passage of time. You can see a large variety of monitors in the market and the size varies from model to model and the range starts from 19 to 34 inches. This depends upon your requirements if you want to buy a large screen then you can go for SAMSUNG Odyssey its screen size 32 inches. 


For the clear graphics you need to buy a monitor with accurate resolution, high resolution will give you better visuals. We suggest you buy your monitor with minimum 1080p resolution or if you want better performance than you can go for Cooler Master GM32-FQ, its resolution is QHD 2556 x 1440p. 

Refresh Rate 

Refresh rate of a  monitor show how many time a image refreshes per second, a high refresh rate gives you more better quality video, you can from 120 Hz to 165 Hz, or for the more excellent quality of your graphics you can purchase ASUS TUF Gaming it supports up to 200 Hz refresh rate. 

Response Time 

The response time of a monitor is more crucial when you want to buy for gaming purposes. For better gaming performance your monitor must be fast enough and do not have screen tearing and stuttering. Buy a monitor with lowest response time as you can, buy a monitor with 1 ms response time it will give you better gameplay. 

Connectivity Ports

Connectivity ports are another feature to look at, for the video output you must buy a monitor with ports. More ports give you more connectivity options but buy your monitor with at least one video output port, HDMI or DisplayPort. 

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