Tested Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 5995wx (AIO, Air, Liquid) 2023

Tested Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 5995wx (AIO, Air, Liquid) 2023

When efficiency is your middle name, you need to consider the best CPU coolers for AMD Ryzen 5995wx for that high end performance goal. By merely looking at the name, you must be familiar with the threadripper family. The workstation type of usage that involves multithreading can be heated too badly which needs to be controlled.

Bringing you one of the finest in their names, some award winning CPU coolers that will give your traditional components a tough time. Some of these are also RGB controlled which means you can set the tone and environment if you care about the aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Starting off from the Socket support, AMD’s tr4, STR4, SP3 and AM4 are commonly used whereas 2066, LGA 1700, 115x, 1366, 2011, 2066, 2011-3 of Intel are famous. After connecting your cooler with the CPU interior, its mounting system will secure the fit.

For the people who are worried about the noise, we have got the right one for you called the Arctic Freezer 33TR. This beauty right here only serves 0.5dB of noise to let you concentrate on what is important. Furthermore, the speed of fans present in your selected cooler can range from 200 to 1800 RPM on an average.

There are other options also available with 24 dB of sound like be quiet dark rock pro BK023  up to 37dB as ASUS ROG Strix LC. But they have other features to support like triple fans, better heat dissipation design and compact design that will fit almost all the advanced CPUs.

Below is the list of the experts tested Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 5995wx

  1. ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 360mm Radiator
  2. Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3 Premium-Grade CPU Cooler
  3. Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper High Performance CPU Air Cooler
  4. ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR – Dual Tower CPU Cooler
  5. Thermaltake Floe 360mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  6. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 CPU Cooler
  7. ARCTIC Freezer 33 TR Tower CPU Cooler AMD Ryzen

1- ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 RGB All-in-one AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 360mm Radiator

ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 CPU Cooler

Workstations and their processors are getting bigger, more efficient and demanding with each passing day. To keep up with the ever rising heat, a capable CPU cooler is necessary close to you. It is responsible for eliminating extra heat away from the system so that it runs right on track.

With a noise level of 37.6dB, ASUS ROG Strix becomes one of the user’s most demanding cooler of all time. This being the top notch system for cooling your entire CPU is known to be designed by RGB on the radiator and fan fins. A better and optimized airflow takes place with its 3 RGB fans that spin efficiently.

A 360mm radiator is made to serve water cooling placement to your workstation alongside 4 pin PWM fans. The sockets that are supported with it include AM4, TR4 Intel LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011-3 AND 2066. Individual addressable RGB brings together the NVCM coating pump so that the cooling is spread all over the CPU.

When your processor is slow, everything that is connected with it will feel burdened. This cooler is styled to complement the motherboard. Bringing together sleeved tubing increases the efficiency and durability for working with a workstation system. Having sleek and modern aesthetics make this cooler a great addition to your setup.

2- Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3, Premium-Grade CPU Cooler for AMD sTRX4/TR4/SP3

 Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3 CPU Cooler

Control the capacity of your CPU that generates heat excessively so that it can work under optimal conditions. This award winning cooler has more than 200 recommendations from all over the world in various international magazines. You get to see Noctua NH-U12S on various websites for a reason that is here to explain.

Its 120mm sized fan size brings maximum performance on the table without the issue of compatibility. Such custom tailored performance contains the power and ability of the best threadripper cooler 2021 realness as this one. It is the version made available for AMD’S TRX4, TRX and SP3 platform.

Working on 12 Volts of power, this compact sized cooler has the item dimensions of 2.8 x 4.92 x 6.22 inches in length, width and height respectively. A noise level of 22.4 dB serves you near silent operation with its 120mm sized fan. This is a super quiet and premium grade manufactured fan.

With PWM control, this fan becomes automatic control in regards with its speed and settings. There are certain sockets present that will achieve a high compatibility rating with this including TR4 and TR4X. even the threadripper CPUs offer 3990X, 2950X 2920X Epyc 7003 etc.

Being 158mm in height and 125mm in width, this is the design for most of the modern tower cases that does not block the top PCIe slot as well. Its SecuFirm2 mounting is a custom fit for easy installation selected with 4 spring loaded screws. This feature assures you to work greatly with SLI and CrossFire in multi GPU setup.

3- Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper ThreadRipper TR4 High Performance CPU Air Cooler

 Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper

An optimized and smartly programmed way to work your way up to the top is to have the right type of system components. The selection of them is the crucial process that can lead to a triumphant victory or a regretful loss. So Cooler master has come forward to offer its one of a kind, the best RGB air cooler of all time.

This AMD Wraith ripper threadripper is made to work with the high performance TR4 CPU. a wattage of 5.44 and 38 dB of noise level is how you get to see this powerhouse in action for all your workstation PC needs. Covering a large surface area, the design is tailored for Ryzen Thread ripper systems.

Thanks to the dual tower design and combination of heatsink that is made to cover more surface of the board where heat will be dissipated. It means less time consuming and more action will be there to see. Its jet black look serves a class and grace to the overall component with the rest of your system.

Talking teh RGB addition is how you realize that this feature holds great importance to some users. As a lot of people around the world want to keep a neon look in their game room or work place. For the consumers who are fond of the physical appearance of the system must look for various color LEDs that glow in various modes as well.

An AMD designed software will allow you to access the RGB in exclusive control options. It has partnered with Cooler master that now supports full control of your rig’s RGB lighting.

4- ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR – Dual Tower CPU Cooler for AMD Ryzen Threadripper SP3

ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR CPU Cooler

A color control CPU cooler is not your playdate unless it is also powerful enough to handle all the tasks you throw at it. There are 13 A-RGB LEDs that can be controlled automatically through the compatible motherboard. Releasing the full heat spreader and only covering the largest versions, this powerhouse performer is all ready for action.

Having the twin tower design is beneficial for many users that are known to keep the surface cool. It also helps in ensuring proper distribution of heat with the 8 u-shaped directly touching heat pipes. This way, a better and faster process of heating takes place than traditional CPU coolers do.

An ideal airflow is the 50TR Freezer as it contains 2 P-fans working as the push and pull configuration. They combine to make a 120mm and 140mm in size that will improve the overall airflow and better cooling as a result. A downsize is the RAM clearance as this feature does not support it.

The users are recommended to keep the maximum memory height of 37.5mm and keep in mind its clearance graphics. Having the dimensions of 5.82 x 5.89 x 6.5 inches, Arctic air might not seem as a massive CPU cooler. Its noise level is also in 0.4 sones with the support of AMD SP3, sTR4 sockets.

5- Thermaltake Floe 360mm, 16.8 Million Color Software Enabled AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Thermaltake Floe 360mm CPU Cooler

Any user who is worried about the unnatural stomping of the system must get themselves a capable cooler. Heavy working and tasks can be a burden on your performance when they are not taken care of properly. Thermaltake Floe is considered to be one of the components your rig desperately needs.

This cooler comes with a 5 pin power connector and works on 3.9 wattage of power in rubber and copper material. Its noise level can reach up to 24.7dB and the air capacity is 42.34 cubic feet per minute as the desktop companion for dissipating extra heat out. This upgraded version has an LGA 1700 kit available for its valued customers.

Knowingly that some users prefer an exquisite appearance, the brand has included 12 separately controlled RGB LEDs. Having the audacity to work with the unrivaled lighting is possible with 12 V current. The 3600 RPM speed of the fans that are triple in number will have more efficiency.

360mm radiator makes liquid cooling a breeze as it supports push and pull mounting systems. On top of all this, you get to enjoy high performance of its waterblock with durable sleeved tubing. These features add more stability and longevity in the product for long term usage.

If you have extreme cooling needs, this Tt LCS certified is compatible with such configurations. It’s tube length is 12.8 inches that is long enough to reach the far ends of the systems and completely wipe away extra heat. With 16.8 million colors displayed, you get to attach it with various LGA intel and AMD sockets.

6- be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4, BK023 for AMD TR4 Only,CPU Cooler

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 CPU Cooler

The users who have TR4 socket should consider themselves lucky as be quiet introduces a CPU cooler that suits it best. Especially designed for this socket, dark rock pro BK023 is going to be one of those necessary components that are a must. Being air cooling in its method of dissipating heat, its structure is copper made.

There are 2 virtually silent wings PWM fans to actively keep the extra heat away from the system. All of the design is based on the funnel shaped frame on the front that is responsible for upholding the high air pressure. While working, this cooler can reach up to 24.3dB of noise level while being at the maximum speed.

In addition to this, you also get to see 7 high performing heat pipes made of copper along with advanced fluid dynamic bearings. These features help in increasing the life of the fan while adding subtle durability. On the other hand, 6 pole motors and optimized fan blades are mounted on 3 silent wings fans.

For maximum heat conductance, its 6mm copper heatpipes bring the action to the table. More heat is evacuated through the design that involves small dots on the surface for increasing circulation of air. Moreover, the ceramic particles of the black coating creates an ideal heat transfer.

7- ARCTIC Freezer 33 TR – Tower CPU Cooler AMD Ryzen

ARCTIC Freezer 33 TR – Tower CPU Cooler AMD Ryzen

According to the price point, the Arctic Freezer 33 TR is recorded to have great sales point of view. Although price is a huge point, this CPU cooler consists of a lot of useful features to accommodate the users in every way. It has been an award winning product and one of its key features involves an enlarged heatsink in the base.

A massive AMD socket TR4 is compatible with this cooler as it is equipped with a BioniX F120 fan. For the people who want the silent operation must choose this powerhouse because it is equipped with an extremely quiet motor. This newly developed motor will increase the working capacity and session of the cooler without the noise.

You get to achieve the RPM speed of the fan from 200 to 1800 with the controllable patent PWM. This technology sharing is necessary so that the fan speed is regulated. On top of this, an improved heat elimination process has the off centered heat pipes. They are responsible for dispensing it in a more appropriate way.

Its layout consists of 49 aluminum fins consisting of micro vorticles for a boosted airflow pathway. The design is based on the AMD thread ripper CPUs that includes sockets like AM4, SP3 and sTR4 whereas 2066 or 2011 Intel sockets are also in the list. Being as compact as it can get, 3.5 x 5.9 x 4.8 inches dimensions and 0.5dB noise level makes it all worth the purchase.

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Best CPU Cooler For AMD Ryzen 5995wx Buying Guide

You can crush the overcompensating heat with the right choice of CPU cooler so that your overall performance is not affected. This is not as easy as it sounds because for a workstation CPU like the 5995wx, they need to have a cooler that can handle single threading and multithreading workloads.


If you are considering buying a cooler for such a top tier CPU, you should know which socket is compatible with it. Most of the time TR4, sTR4, SP3, AM4 in AMD and 2066, LGA 1700, 115x, 1366, 2011, 2066, 2011-3 like ASUS ROG strix LC360 gives in Intel are top choices. This is how you are going to connect the cooler with the rest of the system for it to work.

RAM Compatibility:

Featuring the design of the cooler, many come with dual tower or single tower look or even enlarged heatsinks. Away from the base, you should notice if it is not blocking the RAM slots as you see in Arctic Freezer 50 TR. Besides the easy setup and fitting, some of the coolers are compact enough to fit in any case as Noctua NH-U12S.


Coming in single, dual and triple fans in numbers, more of this feature does not necessarily mean better heat dissipation. It also depends on the quality, speed and efficiency of the design altogether for better performance. You can choose to have the number of fans depending upon the type of rig you have.


This category of CPU coolers contain various speeds of spinning and airflow capacity. It also suggests that more speed may not indicate better heat evaporation if the design is not spacious and not suffocating. From 200 to 1800 RPM is supported by Arctic Freezer 33TR. 


Many users prefer to have less noise even though it may be hard to achieve because high end CPUs are bound to have some level of noise. But on the other hand, Arctic freezer 33 TR has made it possible with 0.5dB of noise level. This way you can work with ease without getting distracted.

Cooling method:

It is important to choose the preferred cooling method for your CPU since there are a variety of options. The most common ones in desktop support are air and liquid cooling while both have their benefits and doubts. Some users have come to believe that liquid coolers are pricey but more efficient than air cooling.


If you happen to be someone who wants the aesthetics to become a big part of your rig building, there is good news for you. Thermaltake Flow AIO liquid cooler is one of the options that consists of 12 individual and 6 addressable LEDs controlled through software. Get in the zone with the Cooler master AMD Wraith Ripper to bring some neon highlights to your boring day.






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