Best CPU Cooler For AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D (Air, Water, AIO)

Best CPU Cooler For AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D (Air, Water, AIO)

If you are thinking of designing your new computer system or you just want to upgrade your current gaming system with Ryzen 7 5800X3D. Surely, you won’t compromise its performance, that is why the decision of the best CPU Cooler For AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is not a simple drive. In this article we give you the top picks of the CPU coolers, read it carefully then make your best purchase!

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is a powerful processor so your cooler is also powerful enough to handle its TDP. while buying a CPU cooler ensure your cooler has the ability to stay cool and stable you computer system even when it will be over load. 

The AMD Ryzen 5000 series is the brightest line of processors in the galaxy of computer systems, but still their user wants to increase its performance with the use of a CPU cooler because these CPUs do not come with a cooling solution. 

The Ryzen 5800X3D is a 8 core processor with a TDP  of 105 watts so you need to buy a CPU cooler that can handle the TDP and give an optimal cooling solution. For the better experience we suggest you buy a cooler with easy installation and no maintenance, but it also depends upon your budget. 

There are types of processor coolers, air and liquid, both are good on their own but the air cooling system requires very little maintenance, which is the plus point on its side. But they can cause clearance issues  because they are a little bulky. And does not create any issue of RAM clearance but the chances of its leakage are high. You need to buy the best CPU cooler for AMD Ryzen 5800X3D with AM4 socket. 

Below is the list of our lab recommended Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 7 5800X3D

  1. MSI MEG CORELIQUID S360 CPU Liquid Cooler
  2. Gigabyte AORUS WATERFORCE X 360
  3. NZXT Kraken Z73 360mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  4. CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler
  5. EK 240mm AIO Basic Cooler, All-in-One CPU Cooler
  6. Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT 280mm Radiator Liquid CPU Cooler
  7. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022 CPU Cooler
  8. Noctua NH-U12S Redux High Performance CPU Cooler

1- MSI MEG CORELIQUID S360 CPU Liquid Cooler


If you are building a new computer system then install this MEG coreliquid S360 cooler by MSI and improve its overall performance. This CPU cooler comes with the best price that puts it firmly in enthusiast territory. 

The CPU cooler series of MSI is the name of the maximum performance and unmistakable bling. This brand follows the trend to integrate a small display screen, this cooler comes with a 2.4 inches IPS panel that is used to show the performance such as; temperature of processor, speed of fans and personal logos.

MEG silent gale P12 offers enough airflow to the radiator for cooling but without making high noise. Designed with 3 60 mm fans that are placed within the water block that help in the heat dissipation from the CPU VRMs, M.2 SSD and other surrounding parts.

The fans and gale P2 work by making zero noise at low temperatures and when they dissipate heat at high temperatures then make 14.3 dB noise level. This CPU liquid cooler gives ultimate silicene cooling that is why it is a perfect choice for your gaming rig. 

Each 4 pin blower touts provides maximum airflow of 56.2 CFM and the fan rotates with the speed of 2000 RPM and the blades of the fan positioned at 32 degree angle. The hydro dynamic bearing and chunky rubber mounts in every corner to improve its durability. Order now and enjoy your gaming in a peaceful environment!

2- Gigabyte AORUS WATERFORCE X 360


Are you looking for a CPU cooler to maintain the temperature of your CPU? Look no further than the gigabyte Aorus X 360 cooler, it will improve the  entire performance of your gaming rig. You can use this cooler with Intel and AMD CPU sockets, especially both AM4 and Threadripper. Due to its interchangeable brackets and universal backplate you can carry it to the different builds. 

This CPU cooler comes with a Pump and Aluminium housing. You will find a 60 mm LCD panel and also you can rotate it to adjust its orientation. The coolant tubes attached to the pump with the help of a pair of 90 degree fittings. 

The Aorus waterforce X 360 is the latest version of Aorus liquid cooler 360 with a few differences. One of these differences is the addition of a microSD card slot to the waterblock, which enables you to save videos and photos, you can also play them on LCD via RGB Fusion 2.0 software. 

Plus, this cooler is engineered by 12v SATA and the active display is managed through software UI from the 9 pin USB header of the motherboard of all brands.  The new high  performance pump makes it capable of dissipating the heat from the processors. 

This the perfect choice for those who want high performance and  low-noise level. Comes with Graphene Nano Lubricant ARGB fans that effectively perform the duty of heat dissipation. Due to its universal design you can control the fan and pump RPM. This is well suited for motherboards of all brands. And the supported Socket are  Intel 2066, 2011, 1366, 115x, 1200, 1700,  AMD TR4, AM4 and  sTRX4. 

3- NZXT Kraken Z73 360mm – RL-KRZ73-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken Z73 360mm - RL-KRZ73-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

Buy NZXT Kraken Z73 liquid CPU cooler and enhance the performance of your battlestation. This CPU cooler has the ability to give you strong performance and has a pretty LCD to enhance its look, but yes with its amazing features it leaves a Kraken on your bank. 

Designed with 3 powerful fans of 120 mm and pump of the new 7th generation. This 360 mm model of cooler has a display screen to show its status including registered CPU, temperatures, customised logos etc. 

Bring this amazing cooler and customise your gaming rig. With a bright, 2.36 inches LCD screen displays 24-bit colour that give the complete ability to customise the look of your processor cooler. 

This cooler stay in your control supports CAM’s elegant and user-friendly software that makes you the master of your computer system. With simple to use and intuitive controls you can manage the performance and appearance of this CPU cooler.  

Plus, this kraken Z73 make to deliver an incredible performance. Comes with chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings, so that it can perform operation silently and give powerful cooling performance. This is such a product that offers reliability for a long period of time. 

Additionally, due to the fully programmable display, the pump rotates to fulfil the demands of your motherboard without affecting the direction of the logo or image. And this CPU cooler supports following CPU sockets of Intel LGA 1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011, LGA2011-3, LGA2066 and the AMD compatible sockets are AM4, and TR4.

4- CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler

CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth CPU Air Cooler

Introducing a CPU cooler that provides tame to your enthusiast grade desktop CPU, yes we are talking about masterair MA624 stealth by cooler master this cooler gives excellent cooling performance. Designed with the black aluminium top cover with a premium finish.

This CPU cooler gives you twice the surface area due to its dual heatsink combination so it can deliver a better cooling. Comes with 6 heat Pipes with Nickel Plated Base gives you high coverage for optimal cooling.

You will get optimal airflow and pressure with its 2 fans that utilise push pull set up. Also this cooler provides you RAM compatibility and clearance, for this purpose this cooler has an optional 3rd SickleFlow 120 mm fan. This fan also makes it flexible so you can use it for all computer systems that have tall memory DIMMs. 

Surprisingly, this cooler comes with an exclusive All-In-One mounting design that makes its installation easy. This is a sharp looking performer and has a well balanced combination of thermal mitigation and aesthetic prominence. You can trust this cooler blindly for all your gaming processors especially since it is well suited with Intel and AMD processors of current generation with the exception of threadripper silicon. 

Comes with 2 variants, one has 140 mm fans and the other comes with 120 mm fans, which one you like the most is totally up to you. But for your information, the 140 mm fan rates up to 1400 RPM and the 120 mm gives you speed up to 1800 RPM. 

5- EK 240mm AIO Basic Cooler

EK 240mm AIO Basic Cooler

Here is such a cooler that is capable of high performance but requires zero maintenance. The EK-AIO D-RGB is an all-in-one liquid cooler, with this cooler you will enjoy all the advantages of a water CPU cooler but in a compact size, easy to install and also maintenance free. 

This cooler has a universally compatible CPU water-block and a pre-filled pump-res so you can just get out of the box and ready to use. Due to its fitting you can use all the latest Intel and AMD CPU sockets. 

Plus tool less mounting mechanism attracts the users because it allows you easy installation. You just need a single radiator mount, with diamond cut rotary fittings and you are to do tube adjustments. The supported sockets of Intel are LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 and AMD compatible socket is AM4. 

Furthermore, The EK AIO has fully addressable D-RGB lighting and is easily customizable so you can match its colours with your setup through your motherboard or standalone RGB controller. Comes with an acrylic light diffuser that gives a dynamic colour display and smooth lighting transitions.  The system requires a 4-Pin PWM Header for pump and fan operation and a  3-Pin Addressable 5V D-RGB header. 

Comes with industrial grade high-static PWM fans that are capable of delivering high cooling performance and controllable by your motherboard or standalone fan controller. Also you can adjust the fan speed from 550 to 2200 RPM, if you choose you want either high airflow or silent running. Comes with a full range of movement that make the CPU cooler suitable for installation in tightest spaces.

6- Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT, 280mm Radiato Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT, 280mm Radiato Liquid CPU Cooler

If you do want to compromise the performance of your computer system then look no further than Corsair iCUE H115i high performance. Designed with a cold plate and pump to give you high clock speeds and ensure you get high cooling performance even under the high CPU loads. 

Comes with the magnetic levitation fans that provide optimal airflow. Equipped with a dynamic multi zone RGB pump head that is capable of giving you 16 Individually addressable RGB LEDs and produce stunning, customizable lighting effects that are matched to your computer system. 

Plus, this CPU cooler has a zero RPM mode and CORSAIR iCUE software that allows fans to stop entirely while no load or at low temperatures so it eliminates the noise of the fan and gives you a peaceful environment. 

With this software your gaming rig is at your command and has the power to control and synchronise your cooler’s RGB lighting, but make sure your device is compatible with all iCUE. Monitor CPU and coolant temperatures, and adjust fan and pump speeds, all from a single intuitive interface. 

The length of the tube is 380 mm and the Cold plate dimensions are 56 x 56 mm made of  Low-Permeation Rubber and the Radiator Dimensions are 322 mm x 137 mm x 27 mm.  The fan rotates with the speed of 2000 RPM.

The compatible CPU sockets of Intel are  LGA  1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 and 1366. And the supported AMD sockets are  AM3, AM2  FM1, FM2, sTR4, sTRX4 and AM4. Also you can make it compatible with the latest Intel LGA1700 socket but with the purchase of CW-8960091 spare parts. 

7- Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W TDP, CPU Cooler

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W TDP, CPU Cooler

When you need cooling performance with low noise do not forget to consider Be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 this will give you high performance of 250 watts TDP and virtually inaudible operation. This is an ideal purchase for demanding workstations. 

Designed with 3 PWM fans that have 2 silent wings  come with advanced fluid-dynamic bearings and smooth 6-Pole motors funnel-shaped frame capable of giving you high air pressure. This CPU cooler dissipates the heat by only making 24.3 dBa noise level even at the full rotation speed of the fan. 

Comes with 7 high performance copper heat pipes that deliver maximal heat conductance wave-contoured cooling fins for the improved air circulation cutouts on the cooling fins and also this improves the RAM compatibility. 

You will see the special black coating with ceramic particles to support the perfect heat transfer. Also it will give you the facility of easy installation. And the overall dimensions without Mounting material are 5.7 x 5.35 x 6.40 inches. The supported sockets of Intel are LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011(-3) square iLO and 2066. Also it supports AMD following sockets AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4, FM1, FM2(+). 

So this CPU cooler is well suited with both Intel and AMD processors, you can trust the be quiet brand blindly, you will never regret your purchase. Order now and enjoy the less noise cooling performance of your cooler!

8- Noctua NH-U12S Redux, High Performance CPU Cooler with NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM 120mm Fan

Noctua NH-U12S Redux, High Performance CPU Cooler with NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM 120mm Fan

Noctua is one of such brands that do not need any introduction, they are famous for their amazing production, here their streamlined, more affordable redux line version of the award-winning CPU cooler, the NH-U12S.

Comes with a slim 120 mm size that is well suited with all sizes cases, so you are not bound about the small size of case. With the height of 158 mm this fits with most tower cases. The best thing about this cooler is it does not overhang the RAM or PCI express slots on most ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. 

Comes with a 120 mm fan with PWM that allows the automatic control of fan speed.  This cooler is a high performer and gives you optimal cooling performance under load and does near silent operation at idle!

This is a redux version of CPU cooler but powered with the same proven heatsink layout and also ensures the 100 percent compatibility with tall RAM modules. You can install it very easily without need of an expert due to its SecuFirm2 mounting system and the pre-applied thermal compound.

This is a perfect CPU cooler for those who want high quality and quiet operation but at the affordable price. This is especially designed  for pressure-demanding applications. You get an amazing speed of the fan that rotates at the speed of 1700 RPM and also it is controllable so you can choose your best speed that you need. Compatible with the following sockets of Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 1150 to 1156, 2011, 2066 and AMD supported sockets are AM4 and AM5. Grab it today and improve the  performance of your processor. 

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Compatible CPU Coolers Buying Guide 

Buying a CPU cooler for your computer system is not a  simple drive, you have to do it very carefully, because it improves the entire performance and lifespan too. 

Below are a few features that need your consideration, look at them and make your decision, surely you will never regret it.


Mainly there are 2 manufacturers of the CPU cooler in the tech market, AMD and Intel. They both have their own socket types that help to connect the cooler to the CPU including LGA 1700, 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 2011, 2033 AM3, AM2, AM4, FM1, FM2 etc. but when it comes to buy the best CPU cooler for AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D you need to buy AM4 socket CPU cooler. 

Cooler type:

There are 2 types of CPU cooler, liquid and air, and comes with 1, 2 or 3 fans up to 140 mm size and the least size is 120 mm. You can buy both of these types, they have their own pros and cons. But the best thing will be the low pricing and no maintenance. 


Fans are the necessary part of any CPU cooler whether it is a liquid cooler or an air cooler. There are 2 or 3 or even 1 in a cooler and the number of fans varies model to model. Fans are responsible for the optimal cooling. 

Noise level:

The different models of the CPU coolers come with different noise levels, you will get minimal 14 dB noise and up to 26 dB. Noise level of the cooler you must keep in mind, if you can distract  in a nosey environment then go for less noise level CPU cooler. So you can peacefully enjoy your gaming or work. 


We suggest you buy a CPU cooler with easy installation so you do not need any expert to install it, you can do it as child’s play. There should be thermal paste and EPDM sealing to prevent leakage and blockage and RAM or PCIe slots. 


RGB is such a feature that is not for everyone, this is  a factor that totally depends upon the user’s choice. This only makes your CPU colourful; it does not have a link with its performance. If you love colours then go for a RGB CPU cooler otherwise you can skip this feature. 






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